Monday, April 21, 2008

Yet another random, off the wall idea.

Holographic storage. Have you heard of it? From what I understand, the problem with it is when you use the laser to mark a spot in the medium, it marks every spot that the laser goes through. Well, why not use 2 or even 3 lasers, one for the x and one for the y, and another to change the spot where the x and y laser meets. Sort of fixes that. All that is left is to solve the scarring problem. By this I mean how do you keep the medium fresh? Once an area is 'burned' how do you un-burn it?

An old idea finally revisted.

I had this idea quite a few years ago. I'm not sure what caused me to think this scheme up, and it is one of the ideas I have had that I actually invested some time and effort into. It involves getting into space cheaply and easily. You see the same concept all over; the monorail and even rides in theme parks such as Great America. Use magnets to pull something to a speed and velocity required to leave Earth. Picture a hollow doughnut underground ringed with magnets. You insert a container filled with whatever it is you're sending to space, turn this ring on, the magnets accelerate this package faster and faster until it reaches the required speed, and then shoots it up a branching tunnel that aims this package to the sky. Of course there would have to be something already up there to catch this package, at which point it can be unloaded and dropped into the ocean on Earth to be reused. Now, I am no mathematician, nor have I spent any time researching all the formulas that would tell me whether it is even possible to do this, but in my head it works and makes sense. You could get all your power from natural sources such as wind or water, and the facility would have almost no maintenance costs. After all, there should be no friction because this package would be floating on the magnets. The work I put into this was going through one of those inventor programs that works to get it copyrighted and patented.

Why I am here.

This blog will be used for me to post any and every creative idea that comes to me in the late hours of the night when I can't sleep. Or any other time that some crazy idea hits me. I plan on using this blog to show others, mainly employers my creative side. I like to think that where most of the time a person might be able to think outside of the box, I try to think outside of the room that this so called box is in.