Monday, May 19, 2008

The Computer Mouse

The mouse is an important part of any computer. Microsoft and Apple knew this long ago, and its success has been shown 10 fold. First person shooters and graphic arts are two ways that show just how important the computer mouse is. Unfortunately advancements with the mouse have came mostly in removing the track ball and replacing it with a laser, and adding buttons. I feel that there is one over looked feature that has been over looked!

The mouse is a device of movement, and if anyone has learned anything from the Nintendo Wii, movement is everything. Why not use the movement of the mouse to add another feature. I have developed, and am currently fine-tuning such a feature. I call it Mouse Shake A rapid left to right movement of the mouse enables, currently, another sub menu. I have tested this program and have found it extremely useful! As a mater of fact, it works great and I look forward to adding more functionality to my program developed in Visual Basic.Net (2008)

This idea came to me while using most flavors of Linux. Panels are useful, but one sided. You have to move the mouse to the part of the screen it is located and room is always tight. But if you tied a panel to the shake feature, you will have easy access to the time/calender tools, the currently running programs and the system alert/tray. As well as links to most commonly used programs. I will post on my problems with panels, the start menu and taskbar in windows and improvements to the desktop experience in other blog entry.

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