Sunday, May 4, 2008

Want to kill the keyboard?

They have already done it with monkeys and a robotic arm

Monkey Brains!

So why not take things a step forward? Link these chips to the part of the brain where words and sentence's are put together. Learning the way the brain would work is easy. Read a short pre-determined essay to your self and this device would learn.

How about getting this info to the device, such as a smartphone or computer? Over the air via blue tooth? so anyone and everyone can read my thoughts? No No! Have a small wire, or even use already existing nerves to run down to a patch on the inside of the thumb. You place this patch to your device, think your sentence and there it is!

My girlfriend brings up an interesting point to this. What about punctuation? Like commas and question marks? Or deleting already typed data?

In visual basic, when working with strings and say you wanna put a quote into your string. All you have to do is ""hello world"". So if I were to 'think' a question out, it would look like this.

what are you doing questionmark questionmark
and the output would be
What are you doing?

The tech is there? Is someone going to make the link?

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